Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Gateway Advantage was created in Baltimore to help companies with Sales and Marketing advice and to create a support network.

Who we are?

It soon became obvious that it was equally, if not more, important for business owners and managers to meet regularly with like-minded people who were facing the same problems and issues. It was also evident that the majority of business owners, while hard working and committed had little, or no, management training.

So although winning new business was their biggest issue, they also needed help with areas which resulted from poor sales revenue – areas which were important to their survival. Business owners were looking for information that would help them with cost reduction, increasing efficiency, low morale, effective marketing skills, selling skills, managing people and so on. These are all subjects that The Gateway Advantage is focused on providing to help businesses to grow and network with each others.

Our Club

The Gateway Advantage is committed to helping you grow your business and, as we are ourselves a business we understand your frustrations as well as your needs. Information, ideas, contacts, help and support are all things you’ll find at The Gateway Advantage along with a very warm welcome and an environment that is conducive to growing your business and achieving your objective.

What you can do at Our Business Club

The Gateway Advantage offers a numerous amount of activities to our members. You can participate in popular events, watch games and discuss business in a luxury cigar lounge, use the conference room for your business needs, and eat fabulous food made by our exclusive kitchen staff and much more. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

The environment in The Gateway Advantage business club is really friendly and helpful. Networking with other business owners and entrepreneurs is really important.

Best business club for entrepreneurs in Baltimore


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